1998: Henninger Tower as Beerglas; Frame and Banner 1999: Bayer-Headquarter as Aspirinbox; Frame and Banner 1999: Lisboa, Tower at the Fair 2003: 100 Years Storck; blackout with 9.000m² Foil 2005: Rotterdam, Nike 3D-Construction for VerticalVision 2005: Park Inn Berlin, 4.000m² sticker 2006: Commerzbank Frankfurt; complet technical planing, frame and mounting 3.000m² and lettering Since 2006: large banners at Kaufhof all over Germany 2007: RAG Headquarter Essen; planing, construction, mounting and event, 3.500m² with a lot of new technic 2006 until 2008: labeling of gondolas in Garmisch, Oberstdorf and Livigno 2008: Innsbruck, mounting of large banners for EM2008 2008: Hamburg, eventarea O², planing, framework and bannermounting